2016 US EC-12 Nationals Day 2 and 3

The first heat on Day 2 was a horror show with high waves and heavy gusts.
Jim’s boat broke down on the way to the line after the rx shorted out. Most skippers did not have C rigs available and even those that did had trouble.

Following that, racing was suspended and we waited many hours for the wind to moderate.

When racing resumed the conditions were still tough and both Halifax boats struggled.

On Day 3 more gusty conditions were the order of the day although B Rigs were OK most of the time. More boat problems and errors dominated the day for our Halifax sailors.

In the end, Boots was last after having to retire from the regatta with hardware issues. Jim fared a little better finishing in the mid 20’s despite taking a number of DNS results for breakdowns.

Our EC-12 fleet needs tpo get serious if we are to improve our performance.

2016 US EC-12 Nationals Day 1

Boots has had a series of boat issues that has mired him in Bronze Fleet all day.

JW had a second in the seeding race and then moved backwards to Bronze Fleet and then back to Silver. JW has got the boat going and if not for a number of stupid errors resulting in penalty turns might be solidly in the Gold Fleet.

The wind is quite heavy and rain and lightning held up the sailing for an hour.

Hope for better results tomorrow.


2016 HAMYC Club Championship Regatta

Notice of Race/Sailing Instructions
2016 Halifax Area Model Yacht Club Championship Regatta
October 1-2, 2016
Sullivan’s Pond, Dartmouth, NS
Sponsored by Halifax Area Model Yacht Club

1. Rules
1.1 The event will be governed by the RULES as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016
(RRS) as changed by Appendix E of the RRS – Radio Sailing Racing Rules, the Notice of Race (NoR) issued for the event, these Sailing Instructions (SI), the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) and Soling 1M Class Rules.
1.2 The Sailing Instructions shall prevail in case of conflict with the Notice of Race.
1.3 Racing rule(s) Appendix E6.6(f) is deleted and replaced with  ‘an entanglement or grounding because of the action of a boat that was breaking a rule of Part 2 or of a vessel not racing that was required to keep clear’.
2. Notices to Competitors
Notices to competitors will be given orally near the launching area.
3. Schedule of Races

Saturday October 1, 2016
Skippers Meeting       12:45  PM
First Race/Heat          1:00  PM
Last Race/Heat           3:45  PM

Sunday October 2, 2016
Skippers Meeting       12:45  PM
First Race/Heat          1:00  PM
Last Race/Heat           3:45  PM

A minimum of 15 Races unless modified on site by Race Officer, Maximum of 20 Races

4. Scoring system shall be Low Point System,

5. Changes in the Sailing Instructions by a verbal announcement shall be made by the Race Officer (RO) to call attention to the change.

6. A description of the course, marks, including starting and finishing marks stating the order and side on which each is to be left shall be posted on the course board.

9. Starting Procedure – The warning signal made One (1) minutes before the starting signal. The starting line will be as described in the course description.
Following one general recall, RRS 30.1 shall apply to the restart.
Following a second general recall for that same race, RRS 30.3 shall apply to all subsequent restarts of that race.

10. Protests
10.1 Protests will be accepted in accordance with RRS E6 except that RRS E6.5 (Time Limit) is amended by the inclusion of the following:
10.2 A boat intending to protest shall inform the race committee no later than one minutes after the last boat finishes and prior to the preparatory signal for the next race, whichever is the lesser. This changes RRS E6.5.
10.3 Hearing of Protests. Protests and requests for redress will be held at a time and place determined by the race committee except where HMS applies, when protests and requests for redress will be heard in accordance with HMS 1.4.
10.4 The race committee may use IRSA SYRPH, a SYstem for Reducing Protest Hearings. This will apply after the heat and before the related protest hearing that may result from this procedure.
10.5 The protest committee will consist of three persons, which may include competitors, competent persons and Regional, National or International Judges. If a party to a hearing objects to a competitor being a member of a protest committee, because he is an interested party, he may object under rule RRS 63.5.

Competitor behaviour can impact unfavourably on the sport and all competitors are advised that their actions will be under scrutiny and in the event of any behaviour that is in breach of Principles of Sportsmanship and Fair Play, or which may bring the sport into disrepute may result in a protest hearing under RRS 2. or for extreme breaches, in accordance with RRS 69.1 or:
The RO may offer a competitor a two turns on the spot penalty to avoid a protest hearing however the RO is not obliged to make this offer nor is a competitor obliged to accept it in which case a protest hearing shall proceed.
Penalties available to the Protest Committee include exclusion from the race in question, the series, or other action within the Committee’s jurisdiction. The Race Officer and all race officials have been directed to record any incidents that will be dealt with to the full extent available to the Committee.

US National Soling 1M Champions

Janice Anderson and Jim Goddard have made it a clean sweep of the US National Championships in the Soling 1M Class.

Janice won the first ever Women’s Championship in the class and Jim’s recent win in VT has created the unique result that both US Champions are Canadians from the same club.

Congratulations to both our winners, quite a result for a little club in Nova Scotia.