Soling 1M Sunday August 14-22

A quick summary.
Eight boats arrived, Gary’s boat would not work and Innis has an issue with his winch so he was busy fixing that. Gary volunteered to be RD and the first race started under a blistering sun and oppressive humidity and almost no wind. The first race was completed after 20 minutes, numerous wind directions and speeds having been endured.

The second race started in quick order with the wind disappearing as the starter began. Another pedestrian pace saw almost an hour passing with two races completed. Innis appeared ready to go but Boots had a rudder issue and declared he was finished for the day. Too hot for him.

The third race was in the offing with a few light drops of rain and a hint of wind allowing for some hope. The wind died as starter began. We got underway, the rain increased but we had some patchy wind and as Jim started the second lap the rain bucketed down. Rain pouring down we all finished the third race except for Dotcomm who was tired, wet and frustrated.

Upon agreement of all the soggy participants, we ended the day – results above.