2019 Soling 1M Canadian Championship

29 Sep

After two full days of sailing in variable conditions Bob Boutilier of Bedford, NS became the Soling 1M Canadian Champion for 2019. Gary Bugden was just two points behind in second and Janice Anderson was third.

The fall weather was near perfect allowing Race Director Jim Goddard to set competitive windward, leeward courses for thirty-six very close races. Click Here to download the full results.

Thanks to volunteer helpers Silvia Goddard, Henry Ng, and Jamie Ferguson whose help made the regatta run so smoothly.

A video created by Henry Ng.

Regatta Winning Tips from Jim Goddard

25 Sep
  • Check your boat and fix all the little things you have been ignoring. A breakdown is hard to overcome in a competitive fleet.
  • The starting line is not a place to be conservative. You can pass the whole fleet at the start so be aggressive and smart at the starting line.
  • Sail clean, penalties and arguments sap your energy and lose places. Even if you are in the right you are better off to avoid a collision.
  • Remember a regatta is made up of many races, keep the big picture in mind and sail according to your position.
  • Double-check your mast and sail setup, measure the rake, check the boom vang and outhaul adjustments. You should have a starting point recorded after a season of sailing that is the place you start your tuning.
  • Get on the water early and between races. Sail the windward leg a couple of times and keep a mental note of persistent shifts, where the new wind comes from and how that changes through the day.
  • Soling 1M’s do not like tight sails and pointing especially in light air. Keep the boat moving, then sail the shortest course.

There you go, the start of a winning formula.