2016 US EC-12 Nationals Day 2 and 3

The first heat on Day 2 was a horror show with high waves and heavy gusts.
Jim’s boat broke down on the way to the line after the rx shorted out. Most skippers did not have C rigs available and even those that did had trouble.

Following that, racing was suspended and we waited many hours for the wind to moderate.

When racing resumed the conditions were still tough and both Halifax boats struggled.

On Day 3 more gusty conditions were the order of the day although B Rigs were OK most of the time. More boat problems and errors dominated the day for our Halifax sailors.

In the end, Boots was last after having to retire from the regatta with hardware issues. Jim fared a little better finishing in the mid 20’s despite taking a number of DNS results for breakdowns.

Our EC-12 fleet needs tpo get serious if we are to improve our performance.