2006 S1M Canadian National Championship

The 2006 Canadians were held on the site of the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. HAMYC was represented by Gary Bugden, Bob Boutlier and Jim Goddard.

Paul Swizer of the host club was the winner with HAMYC’s Jim Goddard second and John Lowther of the Kingston club finishing third. This was the first major HAMYC road trip which is such a feature of the club today.

As you can see from the photos the weather was fabulous and the venue had some good breeze throughout.

2006 HAMYC Club Championship

Halifax Area Model Yacht Club
Club Championship Regatta for The George Borgal Grog Tub
Bedford Basin – Bedford, Nova Scotia
Final Results – September 24, 2006

Rank SailNo Crew Total Nett
1st 544 Jim Goddard 25 20
2nd 216 Ben Rusi 42 37
3rd Danny Borgal 49 44
4th 213 Doc Bugden 50 45
5th 107 Bob Boutilier 60 55


Click here to download the complete results of theĀ 2006-HAMYC-Club Championship

2005 Canadian National Championship Regatta

Final Results

Position Sail# Skipper Nationality Total Points Position
1st 55 Paul Fixx USA 46 1st
2nd 544 Jim Goddard CAN 54 2nd
3rd 734 Herb Dreher USA 73 3rd
4th 672 Ken Dorlandt CAN 81 4th
5th 109 Bob Boutilier CAN 84 5th
6th 382 David Allsebrook CAN 88 6th
7th 90 Jim Linville USA 104 7th
8th 848 Danny Borgal CAN 119 8th
9th 152 Charlie Mann CAN 130 9th
10th 213 Gary Bugden CAN 160 10th
11th 849 John Engweiler CAN 225 11th
12th 887 Lee Conrad CAN 236 12th