EC-12 Sailing Tuesday May 10-16

Only two boats made to the water for an abbreviated evening at Sullivan’s Pond.

The weather was nice, but as I arrived Boot’s boat was sailing off out of control toward the north end of the pond. We watched and followed as it finally fetched up alongside a small grassy island near the inflow from Lake Banook.

Boots made his way out and I followed him shortly to help. With the boat recovered we headed back. Boots went first, picking his way across the rocks. I followed – stepping on a dry rock but my rear foot slipped on the grass stepping off the shore. What followed was a slow motion train wreck resulting in me falling backwards into the water, getting up and falling again.

That was the end of my evening of sailing, and the end of Boots’ main boom and vang.

I love sailing but now that I am model racing I am not supposed to get wet.