Weeds Choke Out Sullivan’s Pond

6 Jul

We managed to sail with the hazards of the holes and the exposed sleepers.
Only a few people have tripped over the stupidly placed rocks this year.

But now the weeds have returned, along with some floating planters at the edge of our race course.

We are the only group that uses the pond at the pond but they never see fit to talk to us about what they do there.

We hear that when they are done with the canoe area of Lake Banook, they may clear the Pond. Let’s hope so, while the City will not admit it they caused this problem.

Remembering Bill Traill

15 Mar

billOur Friend and sailing colleague Bill Traill died suddenly at home on March 1, 2015. Bill had been a member of the HAMYC for a few years and he became a sailor, able to get around the course and compete.

He will be sorely missed for his humour, optimism and joy for getting out on the pond with his friends.



2015 Annual General Meeting

15 Mar
  We had an excellent AGM which was well-attended considering that a lot of our members are basking in warmer climes.  A number of new initiatives were brought forward which should make for an even better sailing season this year.  Paul will be writing up the minutes but until they are ready here is a peek at some of the highlights:
  • More Formal Race Cancellation Policy  (decision posted to WebPage/Twitter/FaceBook before 0900 on day in question)
  • Formation of Committee for Club Promotion  (promotion of club social aspects / acquisition of new members)
  • Proactive Scheduling of End-of-Season Events  (Separate Awards Banquet and AGM scheduled to occur before departure of snowbirds)
  • Line/Mark Judge  (Appointment of ad-hoc judge from the fleet for regular sailing days. Provision of dedicated judge for Major Club Regattas)
roll on spring
Gary L. Bugden
Halifax Area Model Yacht Club