I Final Sail at Cranberry Pond

Sunday, Oct. 29th., The Pond at Noon,

There was just four of us, Vic & Barb, #85 and #220, Peter #83 and Ben #71
It was a total surprise to all of us to see our sailing venue almost totally vanished!

There was water but not that much and we did not realize how little there was until all the boats were in. Nice breeze from the usual direction, couple good starts and then disaster struck. Vic’s mast gave in quite close to our usual wharf, and he got tangled on some underwater obstruction. Peter sailed close to push #220 to shore and got stuck in the same place and then there was me (my new/old #71) sailing full speed to help and managed to get stuck right there also, all three of us nicely side by side.

Needless to say, there was a lot of ideas flying around how or what to do?
The shoreline was a slippery mud there was no way to walk on that.
Vic had a telescopic pole in the car but it was not long enough. We did find another piece of wood and managed to extend the whole thing. Meanwhile, Vic was getting ready to fly his DRONE over and drop a line or something like that over the boats. We were quite excited about that idea but found a wooden pallet that we placed on the muddy shore to stand and drag the boats to shore one by one. Muddy boats, sails and broken rigging was a sad sight to see!

Day was done for good!
We did learn that there was a new pump installed into the pond that was pushing water out by 2000 gallons a minute, eh?

We’ll see you all at the annual meeting, cheers, The Pond Gang