Postponing the Season Start

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In keeping with the ordinance of physical distancing, it is in the best interest of all our members and for our own personal safety that we abide by the rules and postpone getting together until the all-clear is given and we are safe to resume activities.

In the meantime, we can be hopeful that this will end soon and for now take some time to enjoy getting our boats prepared for fun-filled days ahead. 

We will keep you updated on information as it becomes available and a new start date for the opening regatta.

Stay safe everyone!

Commodore Jamie 

2020 Pond News

Sullivan’s Pond is ice free! again, and likely to remain so now. The thankless task of setting the buoys can now get underway when the thankless task crew gets around to it.

Ben checked out the Cranberry Pond and sent some pictures, complete with on-site model.