2016 US Soling 1M Nationals

The pond at Stowe had a bit of every wind condition for this years US Nationals. Friday had very light airs to start and were up and down in under 5mph range all day. A good number of sailors got Stowed throughout the day.

We started with two seeding races to establish three fleets for sailing. Several sailors scored well with two firsts in the seeding races including Jim Goddard of HAMYC. Three fleets sailing promotion relegation placed a premium on consistent top fleet finishes with a trip to the B or C fleet quickly adding points. At the end of Day 1, Jim Goddard led the regatta by a small margin.

Saturday had some light winds to start and with the exception of a few lulls provided a steadily building breeze with wild shifts. We sailed 18 heats or 6 races all on the same course! Wins in A fleet were spread around, and many sailors moved between the fleets. At the end of Day 2 with two drops available, Jim Goddard continued to hold a lead over the 30 boat fleet.

Sunday had wind and sometimes way too much wind causing a number of broaches both upwind and down. We sailed four races before the appointed end time, with Jim Goddard winning one race Sunday and solidifying the win with consistent A Fleet finishes.

The results do not show the high level of competition and close racing that took place in all conditions. Stowe threw everything at the fleet and we all had to cope with some tough, close racing.