2011 AMYA Region 1 Club Championship

The Halifax Area Model Yacht Club become the first Canadian club to win the Region 1 Club Championship Soling1 M regatta. Jim Goddard, Bob Boutilier and Gary Bugden drove 30 hours for a days sailing and it paid off with a win in some challenging conditions.

Name Club Score
Jim Goddard Halifax Area Model Yacht Club 13
Ron Rhault Greater Worcester 16
Bob Boutilier Halifax Area Model Yacht Club 16
Bruce Nourjian Stowe 20
Jim Linville Minuteman Yacht Club 21
Al Fearn Greater Worcester 25
Phil Tonks Stowe Yacht Club 26
Pat Butterworth Minuteman Yacht Club 29
Bob Ciabazweski Greater Worcester 31
Alain Jousse Minuteman Yacht Club 33
Cliff Martin Minuteman Yacht Club 35
Gary Bugden Halifax Area Model Yacht Club 36
Tim Stone Stowe Yacht Club 36
Ron Casciato Minuteman Yacht Club 37
John Storrow U 42
Richard Levine U 45
Mike Flynn Greater Worcester 63


Club Results

Club Results
Halifax Area Model Yacht Club, Nova Scotia 65
Greater Worcester, Massachusetts 72
Stowe Yacht Club, Vermont 82
Minuteman Yacht Club, Massachusetts 83