2010 Cranberry II Regatta

Cranberry Regatta ll was held on Sunday October 17th at the Terra Beata Cranberry Farm on Heckman’s Island, outside Lunenburg.

We had a great turnout of 11 boats and a surprising number of spectators.
The wind was blustery and cool but the sailing was competitive with a challenging course with first place finishes of individual races being shared by 7 different boats over 15 races.

Thanks goes out to Ed Porter, a local resident of Heckman’s Island, who allowed himself to be dragooned into running the starts and recording the finishes.

Thanks also goes to Ben Rusi for supplying the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and more importantly for the last place finisher.

Final Results

Rank SailNo Skipper Points
1st 544 Jim Goddard 19
2nd 132 Ben Rusi 48
3rd 109 Bob Boutilier 53
4th 131 Bob White 56
5th 40 Fred Lindijer 56
6th 214 Gary Bugden 68
7th 50 Brian Wilmshurst 91
8th 137 Bill Traill 96
9th 222 Tom Kenney 98
10th 136 Mike Waller 99
11th 141 Henry Ng 102