Sail Box for Sale

Soling 1M Sail Box, Mahogany Ply, offered at $20.00Contact: or 902.514.6888

Ben Rusi has a boat and other items for sale.
1 x Mast + Boom + Boom Vang + Backstay + Mast Crane + Jib Boom
1 x Mast + Mast Crane
1 x Set of Sails, Spider Main, Boots Jib
1 x Futaba Attack Transmitter 
Contact; or 902.514.6888

Soling 1M For Sale

This Soling 1M comes with new Servo, new sails, new radio, and replacement mast as well. $450

Contact Mike Daniels 506-488-3944 Jemseg, Grand Lake New Brunswick.

For Sale – Transmitter and Tool Case $25
Has new cubed pick foam in it
See Jim Goddard at the Pond or Email