Soling 1M For Sale

Bruce Grainger ( has a Soling 1M for sale,
He is asking $300, no radio gear or batteries.

Soling 1M For Sale – Located in Ontario

The boat has a bonded in keel, reinforced main bulkhead
The mast is painted so we don’t know if it is one piece or 2 piece mast.
The sail servo is a Hitec HS815BB, the rudder servo is an HS225MG.
The hull/deck joint is not faired. Comes with Victor sails, DX5E transmitter, NO STAND. Asking $300.

The boat it is sound but a little rough, nothing a paint job wouldn’t fix.
Contact: Julian Whittaker

Soling 1M For Sale – Located in Hudson, QC

This boat has a new radio, new servos, spare parts, 2 stands, and a case for the radio and parts. No batteries included.
Quite fast in the hands of an experienced sailor.
I would like to get $400.00.
Contact Bill Golfman