Complete Soling 1M for sale

A Soling 1M is looking for a new home. It needs a little love and clean up but it is all in good shape and could go sailing right away. It comes with an old school transmitter and all servos.

Easy on the wallet at $200
Contact Jim Goddard –

Sail Box for Sale

Soling 1M Sail Box, Mahogany Ply, offered at $20.00Contact: or 902.514.6888

Ben Rusi has a boat and other items for sale.
1 x Mast + Boom + Boom Vang + Backstay + Mast Crane + Jib Boom
1 x Mast + Mast Crane
1 x Set of Sails, Spider Main, Boots Jib
1 x Futaba Attack Transmitter 
Contact; or 902.514.6888

Soling 1M For Sale

This Soling 1M comes with new Servo, new sails, new radio, and replacement mast as well. $450

Contact Mike Daniels 506-488-3944 Jemseg, Grand Lake New Brunswick.

For Sale – Transmitter and Tool Case $25
Has new cubed pick foam in it
See Jim Goddard at the Pond or Email