Sullivan’s Pond Weeds up Again

The model boat club will become gypsies once again as Sullivan’s Pond has too many weeds to allow for competitive racing on the pond.

We raise this issue with the City and no response. They can cut weeds from the lakes for the paddlers and property owners who can afford waterfront property. However a solution for the problem they created in Sullivan’s Pond is just too much.

It started with a failure to fix the leak at the south end of the pond so the water is always draining and low. Then, they were installing sewers and let the pond go dry. Since then we have had annual infestations of weeds. They say it is not connected, but I take little comfort in what they say.

So, likely until September we will have to find another place to sail.

Too bad, we just held the National Championship in Lunenburg for the second time. Two times before that we held it in Bedford Basin. Sullivan’s is a great location for major model yachting events but we just cannot count on being able to have a deep enough venue at Sullivan’s Pond – Without Weeds.