Storing the gear for the winter

The off season is upon us and the boats are going into storage for a few months, but our next sailing date may be as soon as March 31?

Storing the Sails:
Make sure the outhaul, and boom-vang are loose before storing. I am lucky that I have space to to store my sails laying flat, still on the spars. My next choice is hang them with the mast parallel to the ceiling so the sails hang straight down with no stress on them. Lastly you can just stand them up where they won’t get damaged, when doing that I tend to check them  and alternate the side that faces the wall.

Storing the Hull:
The most important thing here is to store your hull where it will not get knocked about or stepped on. I store mine in the garage where the temperature goes below freezing so I make sure that there is NO WATER in the boat. If you have your boat stored in the cold remember the hull can get brittle in freezing temperatures and protect it. Also I lubricate the rudder or remove it so corrosion does not affect it’s movement while stored.

Storing the Batteries and Transmitter:
Both should stored  betwwen about 5 C and room temperature in a dry place. The transmitter should probably have the batteries removed if you are using alkaline batteries. NiCad batteries should be run down but not flat. Lithium batteries should be stored fully charged and in a metal can like a coffee can for safety.

Next tip sheet in January – Racing tips – the start!
The Halifax Area Model Yacht Clubs sails primarily at Sullivan’s Pond in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Our largest fleet is the Soling One Metre which is one of the largest classes of RC Boat in the world.