Building a PVC Boat Stand

1) 1/2″ PVC pipe 76″ long cut into:
four, 6-1/2″ pieces (diagonal bottom legs)
four, 6″ pieces (diagonal top legs)
two, 13″ pieces (horizontal top supports)

2) two PVC cross joints for 1/2″ pipe
3) four PVC right angle joints for 1/2″ pipe
4) four PVC end caps for 1/2″ pipe
5) Your choice, old fabric belt, luggage straps, plastic rope, etc. to supportboat.
6) Make a carrying handle (shown in the photos) that cradles the boat when being carried from a short piece of excess 1/2″ PVC pipe and some rope.
7) Drilled some holes in the horizonal supports 1-1/4″ from each side to secure the 15″ straps with sheet metal screws and finishing washers.
8) Build a 28″ keel support strap 4-1/2″ from one side of each of the horizontal PVC pipe supports.
9) It takes about an hour to build the stand.

This design was submitted by Bob Shoemaker at the Soling one Meter Discussion Group at