2018 EC12 Canadian National Championship

The Halifax Area Model Yacht Club is proud once again to be home to the 2018 Soling 1M Canadian National Championship.

Unfortunately, the regatta was shortened by a day due to forecast thunderstorms and a low water level in the pond. Our apologies to the competitors but we did manage to sail 20 full races on Saturday in anticipation of the weather front moving in.

Our full day of racing started promptly at 10 am under the direction of RD John Lowther assisted by Deb Gibson with scoring, Silvia Goddard with food and drink, and Bill Fioratas who helped with everything from setup to pulling us up over the wall when we had to go walking in the pond.

Winds were generally from the south all day but there were some dramatic shifts to be dealt with all afternoon. By the lunch break, we had sailed 11 races with 6 different winners and was not uncommon to win a race and then nail down a 5th or 6th in the next. The moderate but reliable breeze ensured that everyone was able to keep the boat moving so you had to on your toes all the time.

The lunch break was embraced by everyone, especially the EC12 sailors who were nursing some tired feet and legs after 24 races the previous two days.

Racing resumed under a bright sky and a freshening breeze and we completed 9 more races by the 3 pm deadline to make the desired 20 races our RD had set out. Jim Goddard won 5 races in the afternoon set to nail down the regatta win and Paul Switzer overcame a damaged rig that saw him out for two races to hold on to second. Don McDermaid from Nova Scotia made it on to the podium in third place, this is Don’s first hardware at the Soling 1M nationals – Congratulations.

Thanks for your support to our advertisers, Darren Fisher, MP and sponsors Councillors Sam Austin and Tony Mancini. Your assistance in bringing this event to Dartmouth is greatly appreciated.

To download the full results click here Soling Results June 23-18

Summary Results Canadian S1M Canadian Championship
Sullivan’s Pond, Datmouth, NS
June 23, 2018

20 Races sailed counting 16

Rank SailNo HelmName Total Nett
1st 544 Jim Goddard 65 35
2nd 569 Paul Switzer 101 53
3rd 132 Don McDermaid 102 65
4th 173 John McKinney 118 72
5th 625 Janice Anderson 117 75
6th 213 Gary Bugden 137 93
7th 757 Bob Boutilier 153 96
8th 333 Bob White 144 96
9th 77 Vern Gibson 153 104
10th 110 Mike Kennedy 172 114
11th 90 Jim Linville 174 120
12th 50 Brian Wilmshurst 219 161
13th 887 Jim Knorr 240 181
14th 71 Ben Rusi 248 189