2011 HAMYC Commodores Regatta

2011 Commodores Regatta
Heckman’s Island, Nova Scotia
September 11, 2011

The sun shone brightly and the waters sparkled as we launched fourteen 1 Meter Solings at Heckman’s Island. We had a practice race, followed by a skippers meeting at 10:45am. The winds were light out of the northwest, and oscillating from the southwest on occasions which proved to be both interesting and challenging. By 12:30pm, we had completed 5 races, all were hotly contested and especially exciting at the start as each in the fleet vied for the best position at the windward pin.

Lunch consisted of an assortment of mini ciabatta sandwiches (deviled curry egg / chicken salad / tuna & cheese Dijon), along with grape tomatoes, dill pickles, Canadian cheddar, turkey Kobassa turkey roll and baked potato chips. We enjoyed a chilled fruit punch (laced with Tera Beata Cranberry juice) as well as a handsomely decorated celebration “Commodore’s Regatta” double layer cake.

After lunch, the wind steadied from the southwest and freshened to 20ks, with puffs to 30k.. Doc made a brilliant charge, finishing with three bullets; however Ben grabbed two firsts to go with his two in the morning. Boots had 5 races where he finished in the top three, including one win; however experienced a number of “setbacks” with other yachts especially at the approach of the leeward buoys. Bob.comm also had 5 finishes in the top 3, including a win; however faded during the last 2 races – clearly he was under the influence of cake!. A total of 10 races were completed, and each of us dropped the two lowest, hence our best 8 races registered.

Final Results

Rank Points SailNo Skipper
1st 15 171 Ben Rusi
2nd 18 214 Gary Bugden
3rd 21 109 Bob Boutilier
4th 22 333 Bob White
5th 42 887 Warren Tobey
6th 43 848 Paul Morris
7th 44 136 Mike Waller
8th 61 185 Victor Lovitt
9th 71 149 Bill Traill
10th 72 141 Henry Ng
11th 73 50 Bob Wade
12th 94 Brian Wilmshurst
13th 96 182 George Inglis
14th 98 132 Don McDermaid